Top 10 Anime Rock Paper Scissor Battles

The game of Rock Paper Scissors is one that is as old as time itself. So when the idea came to my head I realized I had to put an extreme amount of time and research into it. Trying to find the best, the funniest, and the most meme worthy battles of Rock Paper Scissors in anime history. Going through countless series, OVAs, and falling to a Gintama rabbithole. I found and narrowed down the 10 best anime battles of Rock Paper Scissors ever. So let us discuss them.

10) No Game No Life: Sora vs Stephanie

To start off the list. I have to talk about the one thing that you can’t do in RPS (RPS= Rock Paper Scissors), and that is to overthink. I remember when I first saw this episode of No Game No Life and I see Stephinie using all of these equations and predictions for a simple game of RPS. I am just thinking that they are being way too anime for this game of RPS. But nonetheless it was fun.

9) Konosuba: Aqua Vs Kazuma

Now I was debating which one was better in this anime. The Megumin vs YunYun battle was amazing meme material and will most likely be the thumbnail of this post. But, I had to pick Kazuma vs Aqua. Due to the fact that Kazuma is so damn lucky that it is impossible to beat him in a game of RPS. Even when Aqua tried to buff her stats to beat him she failed again. With her luck being just super trash. So Kazuma is the king of luck in the game of RPS. Also we got another great meme from this great anime in aqua.

8) Hunter x Hunter (2011): Gon Vs Knuckles

I somehow had to include Gon in this. Due to his main move being literally RPS. So I had to pick a fight that leaned the most toward the game of RPS. After thinking, I came up with his fight vs Knuckle. As Knuckles knew that Gon always used rock in his attack. So when Gon used paper it was a surprise to us all. Along with showing that Gon has more to his arsenal.

7) JoJo Bizarre Adventures Part 4: Somehow RPS is a Jojo Reference

I haven’t even gotten to part 4 yet in Jojos. But, I somehow knew they were gonna have some insane RPS game and right I was. It didn’t know any of the characters. But, it just looks fun.

6) One Punch Man: Saitama Vs Bang

I almost forgot the time that Siatama almost killed Bang over a game of RPS. As Bang was beating Saitama everytime and slapping him on his shiny head ruthlessly. So when Saitama smelled blood he attacked. And if Bang didn’t get out of the way. He probably would have been dead or in a coma from Saitama.

5) Gintama: Gintoki Vs A Drunk Tsukuyo

Gintama has way too many times when they played rock paper scissors and someone got injured, there was a fight, or something else unpredictable happened. But, I had to pick one. With Kagura and Sougo being second place. Number one to me had to be Gintoki against a drunk Tsukuyo. Which didn’t end well for Gintoki or his finger.

4) Nichijou: Dance Rock Paper Scissors

Now Nichijou is an anime that I have yet to watch. But, after seeing the degree of difficulty that this character goes through these battles. It has to be high on my list now. Along with that they have a whole RPS dance that is fun as well. Along with all of the different outcomes of their battles as well.

3) Asobi Asobase: Hanako, Olivia, & Kasumi’s Great Battle.

I could not stop laughing at this scene. Like Asobi Asobase is just a meme but I love it. As these three girls are just hilarious and they just make this scene amazing. I can say so much more. But you just have to witness it.

2) Hinamatsuri: Hina VS Anzu

Now this match is just amazing. That is the best way that I can describe this masterpiece of a fight between two powerful psychics. As if they fight seriously they would destroy the world. So they just have a simple game of RPS. With it ending up being a perfect combination of epic battle and meme material. With Nitta laughing like us the watcher in the background.

1) Kaiji: Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors

I have to show respect to the amazing gambling anime of Kaiji. As they were able to make the simple game of RPS into a whole gambling tournament. Making everyone have these cards and have these complicated rules that you have to watch the anime to understand fully. But, every game of RPS that you play in this anime has your whole life on the line. In this game you have to have strategy, mental fornitute, and just plain luck. But, hey it’s RPS.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more content follow or subscribe. If there was a battle of RPS that I missed then comment it below. Until next time, be great.

5 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Rock Paper Scissor Battles

  1. This was actually such a brilliant and unique idea for a list! Well done! Having seen 9/10 of these rock paper scissors moments, I definitely think your list is as comprehensive as it gets. Although, I might’ve put number 10 higher down the list.

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