Goodbye | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 9 Review

I will start with this. This episode to me felt quickers than most this season. After a certain amount of time I was shocked that the episode was already over. As we got Shin vs his brother, we learn more about Annette’s past and we get a goodbye in this episode. Episode 9 of 86 titled “Goodbye” is a good one so let’s talk about it.


I want to start off by saying that Shin looks demonic when he is happy. Like I love when this man smiles but this one was just plain terrifying to me. On to the fight, it starts out as very one sided. With Shin’s Brother singling him out to a location where they can one v one. With Shin wanting it no other way also. Their fight was enjoyable to me until Shin’s Brother was able to produce slimelike arms that I have a lot of questions on and their mechanics. That I just hope is explained in the future of this series. As that part really threw me off in the fight. Back onto the fight, due to the arms Shin was knocked unconscious and was about to lose until someone came in the clutch.

Lena Comes In The Clutch

Also Shuga is the first to see Lena

With one of the most predictable things in this episode being Lena coming in the clutch. As she is able to break another law and hack the military to help Shin. And at this point I am in complete belief that Lena is like a secret queen, or just has some of the greatest plot armor in the world. As there is no way that you can hack into military weapons and no one even notices. Like there were no alarms, no military awareness, and Lena just gets away with it once again. Which I don’t know if that is just to show how weak Alba is as a country or just plot convenience. But, with Lena’s help she was able to aid the 86 crew heavily in a battle that they were close to losing.

Shin Vs His Brother

As we get to the final bout. With the help of Lena and the 86. Shin puts all of his energy into a final attack. Able to finally free his brother and let him rest in peace. Afterward Shin was able to cry for the first time in this show. Though his cry felt like it was not only for his brother but for everyone that has passed in 86. With him just able to let it out. Now my thoughts on the fight overall. I believe that this was a little two quick fights to me. As I believe that it could have taken up the entire episode. I still enjoyed the battle and understand that it’s a faster paced anime world.


Gonna shout out Vance as he called it. As I didn’t think for a second that the kid would be Shin. As Lena learned that information through some method that is not explained that the friend that Annette deserted was Shin. With that information Lena was able to blackmail Annette into hacking the military armory for her. With Annette calling Lena the Devil. Which to me seems like a fitting name for her. Due to Annette caring about and feeling guilt towards Shin. It is gonna be an interesting dynamic if or when they meet in the future. Will Shin hate her or even remember her is another question that I am interested in the future.

Another Goodbye

Well the episode title “goodbye” ment multiple things this episode. With the first one being Shin finally saying his peace to his brother. And the second one with the 86 final five members being Shin, Emma, Shuga, Rikka, and Kurena leaving to lands unknown out of the 86 district. With them saying their final goodbyes to Lena again who is near a field covered in red spider lilies flowers. Thus indicating their final goodbye to Lena. But, is it really the final goodbye? As we still have two episodes left and last episode I was on this exact topic.

What is Next

I personally would have been okay if the anime ended on this episode. As it felt like an end of a season type episode. As Shin got to give his brother peace, let out his emotions, and the 86 crew is now free in their own way. This to me would have been the perfect end to the season and have people anticipate the next one that is guaranteed. But, we still have two episodes. So I am interested in how they play this.

Thank you everyone that took time out of your day to read this. A faster pace episode but still enjoyable. If you want more content like this subscribe or follow the link below. Until next time be great people.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 9 Review

  1. Actually, Dez, Lena did indicate how she knew the information. She said there were not many 86 in District 1 in the first place, let alone a family with a pair of brothers with a notable age gap with one of them being Annette’s age.

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  2. Episode 9 Kind of feels like the end because volume 1 of the light novel was originally written by the author as a standalone book for a contest (which it won!). Pretty much after the success of the first book did she decide to continue the series. Next ep will prob cover the final pages of volume 1 and maybe bits of volume 2

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