Busujima Digging For Gold | Grand Blue Chapter 68 “Mi Amor” Manga Review

It is time to talk about that Grand Blue Greatness. As this chapter gave us plenty of laughs, it gave us some lessons on diving that I never knew before this chapter, and we got a moment in this chapter where I really debated whether it was too graphic to be my thumbnail or not. So let us discuss this month’s chapter of Grand Blue called “Mi Amor” or in english My Love.

Busujima Is Bold As Hell

We start the chapter in a closer to normal state after all the insanity that happened last chapter. With Busujima hanging out with the guys and really trying to seduce Iori. As she is being bold as hell with her intentions to be with Iori. On planning to take his new found wealth. In normal conversation she is mixing her words with that gold digging talk. For example she mixed up the word money tree and honey bee. While having this fake a*s smile the whole chapter. Though I still personally believe that she is using this as a mental block to be close with him. Without noticing it herself. It is a interesting start to the chapter.

Drinking Diving

After all the Busujima flirting with Iori, Cakey being pissed at the flirting, Chisa being obvious, and Kohei being Kohei. They all go to dive but Busujima can’t join due to her not having a license. So she is on the boat to watch them. Similar to Iori earlier in the story with Iori watching Pee A Boo. We get more of the same interaction in the group. As Busujima is still flirting up Iori. Making Cakey more jealous so as to ease her, Kohei gives her some advice to get closer to Iori.

Cakey Tried

Now I will say that it was good advice by Kohei. But, Iori just has this gifted ability to repel every female with just his words. It is something that I am noticing just now and it is just fantanasing to watch him make women hate him. With this being a prime example. Not even looking at Cakey as she is trying to do the same as Busujima and put her chest on him. Then you see this man Iori confuse her for Kohei was hilarious. I was just laughing my butt off. As to me this was the joke of the chapter.

Diving Lesson

Now we get some interesting information in this chapter about diving. Which is something that comes once in a blue moon in this manga. But, I enjoy it nonetheless as it is a manga that can be a manga that teaches you and be educational in one chapter. Then in the next chapter it will be the stupidest thing imaginable. Now in this chapter I learned some things about fish and enjoyed it from Busujima view. And after some lessons to Busujima, the crew went diving. With Busujima hanging back.

Busujima And Iori

They was Wild In This Scene

Now after the diving fun. We get some more Busujima seduction with Iori in this chapter. To the point where Iori finally becomes suspicious of her. To then have her straight up puts his hand on her chest under her shirt. In the very next panel we have this man Iori make the most ridiculous faces of all time. Conving Iori to forget everything as they head to a bar where they are seated alone due to space at the bar.

Iori and Busujima

Now one thing I want to touch on is their relationship in this chapter. Which is something that Chisa picked up. With Iori understanding Busujima’s position on the boat. With him wanting her to have fun. He might be a pervert to the max. But, Iori has a good heart at the end of the day. It also made Cakey resent for all of the hate she was giving earlier. To then have her talk about Iori in depth in front of Chisa and Kohei.

Chisa Just Oblivious To Everything

Now Chisa is a character that keeps to herself alot. She is a person that we get the least amount of thought and speech bubbles from. So when we get anything from her it is breaking news to me. With Kohei and Cakey not having her included in their conversations about Iori. Along with her seeing them together this whole trip. I can understand her standpoint of the whole thing being lost. Also I am gonna say this one more time.

Kohei Likes Cakey

I have been back and forth with this topic. If Kohei likes Cakey, or if he is just being a good friend to her. I am gonna make the statement right now that he does and for this reason. We had a half chapter 62.5 last year. With Kohei being surrounded by girls and not reacting. We have moments with Cakey’s friend thinking that they are awfully close. Finally this trip just feels like one where they are even more connected than ever. So I am gonna say that Kohei is gonna confess to Cakey soon.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. These are always my favorite reviews to do as Grand Blue is amazing. If you want more content like this then subscribe or follow this. And until next time, be great.

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