3 Underrated Light Novels

Light Novels is a part of the anime industry that I don’t typically talk about on this blog. So I made a personal mission last month to read a ridiculous amount of light novels. As I want to dive further into the light novel world part of the anime industry. So today I am gonna start with some series that I have read recently and feel are underrated. As, I can always talk about the light novels that have anime like Spice & Wolf, Monogatari series, and others like that. But, I want to talk about the ones that are not as popular. So onto the list.

None of these will be in the post. Just some series in my home.

The Death Mage Who Doesn’t Want a Fourth Time

I plan on doing a light novel review on this story after I complete volume three of this series. As it is really dang good. The plot of this story is about a person that the god of their world made a grave mistake on. Leading to our main protagonist being reincarnated again and given a third life. After dealing with his past reincarnation he doesn’t want to deal with it once more. Leading to this story that is dark fantasy that follows our main protagonist. I will talk about this series more in depth after I complete volume three. But, I am gonna say that this story is very dark in the beginning.

The Beginning After The End

Now if you are familiar with this blog at all. You know how much I love this story that is about a king getting reincarnated to another world as a child. As I will stay on my statement once again that this is the best isekai in the world. I loved the manhwa of this story so much that I binged 139 chapters of the light novel and am still reading chapters daily. Arthur is one of my favorite characters in history and this story is just different from your normal isekai. So everyone who hasn’t read the light novel or the manhwa. Go read this greatness.

JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta (JK Haru is a S*x Worker in Another World)

**NSFW Warning Containing Heavy S*xual Themes ***

To conclude our list. I want to start off by talking about the character of Haru. As for me she is a character that I enjoyed very much in this story. She has this quirkiness and toughness to her that makes this story really enjoyable. As this story follows Haru and her life as a s*x worker in another world. A world that she had no other choice to pick this job, and with this job the story does not sugar coat it at all. It is graphic and contains some not so nice clients. This world is not pretty nor is it a story about a hero fighting the big bad guy. It is a story that is unique and one that I recommend.

This is my first time doing light novels so I hope I did a solid job. I want to thank everyone that took the time out of your day to read this. I appreciate you and if you have any light novels that are underrated or unappreciated feel free to comment below. If you want more content like this subscribe or follow this blog. And until next time, be great.

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