The Domestic Girlfriend Ending A Year Later

I had planned to talk about this series when it ended. But, I wanted to wait till everything about the series came out. As I had an expectation for side stories to come out later but that never really came to fruition. I didn’t mind it as I feel that the story came out with everything it needed to with the exception of a couple sub stories that I would have liked to see more of. Nonetheless I finally want to put my thoughts out there on Domestic Girlfriend’s conclusion on the anniversary of the Domestic Girlfriend infamous ending. A conclusion that got a lot of response and feedback as the ending left some fans baffled while others were enraged. So I am just putting out my thoughts about it. Also spoilers warning if you needed one.

Kei Sasuga

Before I talk about the conclusion. I want to talk about the author Kei Sasuga. Who I personally really love as a writer. As she writes in a way that is really special. As through her writing she has a way of swaying the readers emotions through her story. As the way that she did it made me care for every character in that story deeply and wanted to see them all grow. I was watching an interview with her and one thing really stood out to me as she was talking about her previous work of Good Ending. Was how she learned how people would react to certain beats in a story. It was an intriguing way to describe her story and I really liked the way she talked about it. Using those teaching in her next was amazing and you can really feel it.

Also I have to show respect to Kei Sasuga as she believes that her ending was the way that she wanted to end it and she would not change it if she had the chance to. Which is something I love to hear from her as the stuff that people said horrendous things to her. And when that happens I have seen authors change their story with an extra chapter to please the fans. Which is something I personally believe that an author should never do despite the ending if they believe that it is how they wanted to end.

My Thoughts On The Ending

Now my thoughts on the ending. When I first read it a year ago I was just baffled at how it ended. With the story being one that I was emotionally invested into at a certain point of the series. But, when the car accident happened all I just didn’t take the series as seriously as I did earlier. As I was slowly losing respect for the series in the final 30 chapters and that was the icing on the cake. So I was not as mad or really upset about the ending as most people. I was more just laughing at the lengths that the author went to have Hina win. That was my thoughts on the series a year ago.

Thinking on the series now, the decision at the end to have Hina be the bride is still one that I am not mad about. I am most mad about the handling of Rui at the end of the story and that she made this choice. As she had to give up on the man that she loves and loves her back due to guilt and self depreciation. The line of her saying that she can never beat Hina was one that just didn’t sit right with me. It felt like a way to force everyone to be happy or complacent at the end of the story. I would have felt a lot better about the ending if Natsuo decided it himself and Rui stayed mad at him forever than the ending like that. As it felt way too much like a fairy tail ending where in a five year timeskip Natsuo and Rui lived in the same house to take care of Hina and their child. Then after Hina is back they get kicked out the house basically so Hina and Natsuo can live happily together. That was just something that I personally didn’t like.

Domestic Girlfriend was a story that I loved and hated at the same time. With its many impactful moments, fun chapters, its amazing characters, and scenes that made me just laugh and cry. I will say this final thing about the story. It is a manga that I truly will never forget even a year later. So thank you Sasuga and I can’t wait for anything else that she comes out with next. Thanks to everyone for reading this and until next time be great.

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  1. Vol 28 extra pages provide more even more clarity, got ’em stitched together here:

    Remember there were also fans that were more or less pleasantly surprised, particularly the eastern audience, like Japan & China took it fairly well.

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