Top Of The Cliff | Kingdom Manga Chapter 682 “The Struggle on the Cliffs” Review

It is always enjoyable to get some Kingdom. As today’s chapter we see the results of the struggle to get to the cliff. We get some great moments, some character growth and much more in this chapter. So let us talk about chapter 682 of Kingdom called “The Struggle on the Cliffs”

Made It To The Top

Kan To so far is doing a great job carrying the will and spear of Sou Sa. The way that he was leading the infantry when they first made it to the top was great leadership. The way that he was organized and fighting was great. And I can see Shin after this battle giving Kan To a promotion.

Rei Being Rei

I don’t know why, but every moment that Rei has been in is great to me. As she brings this energy and attitude to the Hi Shin Unit that just makes them fun and overall better. Like her cockiness is something that is something that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. Along with her strength in addition to Kan To and Suu Gen lead allowed the captain to make his way up.

Shin Made It

Shin has made it up the slope now thanks to his infantry. You see the HQ celebrating and joyous. As now he is here and ready to make havoc. Then you see the Zhou soldiers on top of the cliff worried. Well everyone except for one man.

Gakuhaku Kou

Gakuhaku Kou to me seems like he will fight Shin one on one in this battle. Which is great to have as I thought that he was gonna be more of a strategist that doesn’t fight. But, it seems like a balanced general. Though Shin is gonna have to get to him and it looks like he won’t make that easy at all.

This Feels Like A Trap

I don’t know if I am the only one who thinks this. But, does this chapter feel like a trap? The capturing of RyuuHaku’s son seemed way too easy and convenient to me. The way the general entered this trap was too easy. I understand that RyuuHaku was a family man that loved his son. But, it feels to me that this man is not gonna be easy to take.

This chapter was enjoyable as always. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you want more content like this subscribe or follow this blog. And until next time be great people.

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