Free | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 10 Review

It is crazy to believe that there is only one more episode of this season left. With this episode of 86 starting off peaceful and ending in a very different direction. We followed the 86 around as they left the district into their new free lives. A lot of great character development happened and more in this episode of 86 EIGHTY-SIX Called “Thank You”.


It was a calm beginning. For three days they have been free and we get a montage of their lives outside. It is beautiful and calming. Seeing the crew fishing, playing with wildlife, and just enjoying life. It is such a calming moment for them and I personally am happy that they get at least this. For however long they get it. But, there are moments that remind them that they can die any moment. As they are in an environment of unknown possibilities.

Character Development

I like this episode mainly because it is helping us prepare for the future of the sereies. As I feel that these 5 characters are ones that are gonna be prominent for the future of the series. As we already know about characters like Shin and Rikka to a degree. I am happy to learn as much as I can about these members. For example learning about Shuga being the older brother type and second leader of the group. Kurena and her crush on Shin. Also her being someone that still needs to grow mentally. Emma is someone we don’t get much of in this episode. But, I feel that her character is gonna be important in the future. And the person that got the most in the series has to be Fido who I will talk about a little later.

Shin Losing Purpose

Shin right now is giving me vibes of a certain character from Vinland Saga. As they both are/were in this state of not having a purpose and moving forward. Having this question of what is next. It is something interesting to see as Shin is happy right now. You see him laughing with emotion a lot more. So I am gonna be very interested in his and the rest of 86’s life and new purpose. What will lead to progress that.

Fido & Shin

It is a crazy cause until this episode. I just thought of Fido being this robot that I was not gonna give a single thought to. But this episode really made me appreciate this robot as Fido gave us the past. As we see, Fido has been with Shin since his childhood before the world became what it is today. Which gave me a lot more care for Fido and shock at the final scene of the episode. I hope we get more on the character of Fido and its creation that might have a connection to Annette or her father wanting to have something by Shin’s side.


Through the lens of Fido we see all that the 86 went through in Fido eyes in a summary. Seeing everyone in the past, the deep thoughts of certain members like Rikka, Kurena, and more. Seeing their best and darkest moments of everyone really gave me a deeper appreciation of all of the characters of 86. And I just have to say that the montage was beautiful. It ended with a dark scene in the two week future I believe, and I am just interested in what will happen next fot the crew.

Predictions For The Final Episode

My prediction for next episode is most likely a view into Lena’s world post 86 escaping. We might possibly get introduced to a new character on her side world. As we really have only three prominent characters on their side of the world. So I hope to learn more about them in the future. I loved this season and everything that it gave and here we go with one more episode.

I was a little late with this review so I apologize. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more content like this subscribe or follow this blog and until next time, be great.

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