Here We Go | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Episode 11 Review

Alright time to talk about the “technical” final episode of 86 EIGHTY-SIX. As this episode had some more slice of life elements, a sad death, a very odd battle, some expansion on a character, and Lena. So “Here We Go” with Episode 11.

Losing Their Rides

Well we start the episode where we left off in the last episode. With Fido sadly dying and the crew in a dire situation as they ended up getting caught by a fleet. We don’t see how the get in this predicament. Just the end result as the crew is barely surviving with their life. Along with everyone with the exception for Shin being unable to use their gears anymore. Leaving them with nothing except a little bit of ammo and guns along with a single gear for the 5 of them to use. Also all of the plates were left with Fido in the middle of the desert.

Slice Of Life

Afterwards we get a little more slice of life elements with the 5 of them having fun in an abandoned school. Giving them a moment of escape for a minute. I am happy that they got this peace for as long as they can. As I feel that after this it is nothing but a rough road ahead. Starting with the next day when they are switching back and forth to drive Shin’s ride. With them making a rule whoever is in the ship during a battle is the one to fight. So Shin in a peaceful moment asks to take his turn early. He then takes it to head in a battle prepared for death.


Which is something that I would love to talk about in this episode. But, I need to talk about this whole battle. I was okay with the gear and their CGI. I love the design of the mechas. But, when I saw those humanoid robots. It was one of those moments that just throws you out of the anime completely. As I was just in shock about the robots. Something that I didn’t see before and was just in the story oddly. I am not saying that it was horrible, I just want an explanation. Anyway the battle ends horribly with the whole crew defeated and Shin ready for death. I would talk more on this but those robots man.

Lena Gives No Fs For Rules

As that battle ends we go back to Lena after an episode away from here. She appears at the former home of the 86. Despite her being under house arrest. Which at this point, I feel that the Empire has the worst law system in the world. This girl not only broke the rules of hacking the military armory as an officer and was just put on house arrest. Then being on house arrest she was able to take a plane to the 86 hideout and examine it. All I can say is the plot armor is strong with this one.

Replacement 86

You know I just wonder where all of these 86 people are coming from. You see a new group and I just wonder were they in camps before this. Just waiting to be put in this war. If so, how many non Alba people are left in this world? It is something interesting as we have a new group. That is put in this situation with no guidance with the exception of Lieutenant Aldrecht.

Lieutenant Aldrecht

Lieutenant Aldrecht was an Alba that was disguised as an 86. As he was married to an 86 beforehand and had a daughter with her. Both of which were eventually killed due to the system that they are in. With him being the lone survivor. Always waiting for his time. Even revealing to people that might have hatred for Alba that he is one. His story is really interesting. As it is a perspective of the story that I wondered about. Half Alba people and people who are current/former lovers, friends, and family to them is an aspect of the story that I hope is touched more upon in the future. This was a nugget that I didn’t expect but, I really enjoyed. Also it shows that Lena is not the only sane person in a whole race.


Speaking of Lena, she tours around the former base of 86. As she walks around she finds a book full of notes from the 86. With all of them saying their goodbyes to her and leaving the cat with their names. I am happy that they gave that to her alone with a fadden picture of them. Giving her even more motivation for the future of the story. Lena then goes to some random railroad to make a thumbnail for my episode review and she looks fire.

What is Next

I am interested in what she does next in the series. Will she go to the unknown world alone or will she team up with another country to oppose Alba. Possibly find more people like Annette and Aldrecht. Trying to become stronger by numbers. Also what is the future of the Crew of 86 as they are in a horrible state currently. I have a lot more predictions but, I will talk about that in my season review.

Special Episode

But, before my season review we have one more episode and it is a special. I have no idea what it will be covering. But, since it is a special episode and not episode 12. I expect the episode not to cover any of the story that comes after this episode chronologically. Possibly a flashback to the world before it became what it is. Or a look into another country. I will be interested.

Happy to be back from my hiatus. Hope you all have a wonderful day. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you want more post like this follow or subscribe this this blog and until next time be great people.

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