Army Of Fools | Kingdom Manga Chapter 683 “Family of Fools” Review

This chapter is filled with a lot of fools. What I mean by that is that this chapter has a lot of stupidity on both sides. This chapter covers the results of Raido’s Army against RyuuHaku Kou. Leading to a fight between Raido himself and RyuuHaku Kou that was interesting to say the least. So let us talk about chapter 683 of Kingdom called “Family of Fools”.

Ryuu Haku Kou

I will start off by saying that RyuuHaku Kou is a very strong general. One that despite Raido’s entire army shooting him with arrows. Along with a multitude of people attacked him. He was still standing and fighting, showing his immense strength. But, he was a person that was very emotional over his family. Thus leading to his eventual downfall.

Kanki’s Plan Taking Off Pressure

Now there was a line in this chapter that RaiDo said that piqued my interest. With him saying that he wanted to finish off RyuuHaku quickly to take pressure off of Kanki. Which makes me think that Kanki is planning to make his move soon in the story. Maybe he was waiting for the right moment. But, this seems like something special is brewing to his plan and I am eager to see it come to fruition.

Ryuu Haku Kou Vs Rai Do

Now it is always great to see a straight up clash. Despite the emotion driven Ryuu Haku. He was able to stay alive and fight everyone. Losing arms and getting cut from everyone. He was still fighting this battle. Giving Rai Do a run for his money. The fight had a great ending in a shower of spears from Zhou. As Ryuu Haku’s army was able to catch up to him. Circling Raido’s army and capturing him.

Rai Do Gets Captured

RyuuHaku passed shortly after. But, he managed to hold them until they came. I don’t know if that was the plan the entire time. But, it seems that something crazy is about to happen soon. Also I love that despite getting captured Raido is talking mad sh*t to everyone. After killing two of the three family members. I will say that this family overall is very similar to RyuuHaku Kou as being based on emotions. As you can see the entire army is crying and debating whether to kill Rai Do now or not. They decide not to and plan to torcher him. It will be very interesting to see what happens next and if RaiDo will die. Also who are the true fools of this chapter.

Kanki’s Plan Begins

The chapter ends back to where the cliff is at. We see that they are at a stand still on the cliff. Then we pan to where Ten is at in HQ. With them making a plan to form a pincer and thus we see the plan of Kanki coming to fruition. As Akakin has come to the cliff with reinforcements. Ending the chapter with him entering the battle.

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