The Start to Something Great | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Season 1 Review

86 is a series that is good. But, it has a rough start to its story. There are many positives in this series’ first season that outshines the negatives of this show. So since this series is expected to have a season two in october. Along with it being a series that has a lot of room to grow in the future. I wanted to talk about the season as a whole and its future today.


But before I talk about anything. I have to show praise to the soundtrack of this anime. If I had to say one thing of this season that I will not forget, it is the amazing music from the legends of Jin Aketagawa & Hiroyuki Sawano. I can say that there are a solid amount of soundtracks from this anime that I loved. With the number one being the amazing ED “Avid” being one of my favorite ED of the year.


The story covered the world of the 86 and Alba. A world that you can say is the realized empire of Hitler. As it is a land that separates people that are not the perfect race of Alba. Sending those who are not blessed with their race to war. So that they can die and defend the land that was once their home. Many years have passed since the empire was made this way and the people of the Empire Alba are slowly assimilating into this racist, brainwashed society that everyone follows. With the exception of one girl being Lena.

Major Vladilena “Lena” Milize

Also Lena Is Best Girl if you didn’t know.

Lena is a character that when I started the show. I was meh on her character. But, the more that I got into the show. Seeing all of the insane justice acts that she does. All of the somewhat annoying preaching that she does. I oddly respected her character for what she was doing. As she is a person that gives me vibes of Luffy from One Piece. As they both see the world in a way unlike most. As when they see something that is wrong. They will point it out despite the consequences or the environment that they are in. But where Luffy is this all powerful rubber man that can fight the change physically. Lena is just a soldier part of the Alba Empire. Where no one will listen to her. Not even her closest friend in the story of Annette. Making the world that she is in one that is lonely. So I understand why she finds comfort and peace talking to the 86 and their crew. As they see the world similar to her.

Henrietta “Annette” Penrose

Annette is a character that I enjoyed in the story. She is the opposite of Lena in personality despite having a belief in her ideals. But, in the world that she is in she just puts her head down and listens. Constantly dating and breaking up with partners in her “perfect” life in the story. But, when you see her break down and yell at Lena. You understand that she is suffering on the inside everyday. She is a person that is weak and not as strong as Lena is. As Lena follows her beliefs blindly to a fault. Annette cannot as she is rational and cautious. So when she and Lena fought for the first time in the series. It became one of my favorite scenes of the season. As I believe that it grew her characters to finally let that out. I really loved her character for that and I can wait for her future in the series with Shin and others in this story.

Shin “The Undertaker”

Now Shin to me was the more boring character between the two main characters. As he was this person that I honestly can see as a Sakue cut out at the moment. He to me had moments of action in the story. But, I really didn’t feel a character coming out of him this season. I became more interested in his character only after he put his brother to rest. As he gave me vibes of a character from Vinland Saga that I cannot say for spoiler reasons. As after he completes his goals in life. He is currently at a state of no purpose. Wondering what is next in his life. So far I am more interested in his character. As he is not a cutout going for vengeance. So I am gonna be interested in what he does next.


Now one of the largest problems that I had in this story was the large cast of characters. As in the beginning of the story it was mainly Shin and Lena that you can connect to as they were the main characters. But, what they did wrong to me was introducing way too many characters in the beginning of the story. Mainly from the side of the 86 soldiers. So when deaths came to them, I didn’t feel emotions for any of them really. Along with the random episodes of filler to get you connected to the cast earlier in the story. It was not good to me.

It improved somewhat when the cast was whittled down to the 5 members of 86 that we have now. Allowing us to grow with the characters and struggle with the final five. I am looking forward to seeing what their characters do in the future. Now on the side of Alba. It was easier to get into. As there were only two characters aside from Lena to care about. With both of them having their respective positions in the story. Overall though the cast slowly improved from episode one to 11. Becoming a better group overtime.

Animation and Fights

Another thing that I want to talk about is the gear. Mainly the animation to the gear. I personally will say that I liked it. Thought there were moments that it felt like it was a toy in front of a green screen. The way that they used it in fights was amazing. I just wished that the war had more strategy in it. As it was cool to see Shin 1 v 100 a group of RAIDs. But I was hoping for more battles and strategy in the fights.

What I Expect In The Future

Now the story ends with all of the 86 crew down on the ground in a battlefield. Lena having a visit to the old home of 86 with more deterimanton than ever. The thing that I am interested in the future is the third party. As the situation that both groups are in seems to need the help of a third party. Whether that be a revolutionary, a foreign country, or even something else. There is gonna be a need for a third party to help this story grow to higher lengths. That is what I expect in the future of this series. I expect there to be a revolution in this series. I hope for better war tactics in the battles. Finally, who is the ruler of Alba. That is something that I need to know soon.

Overall Thoughts

After completing the season I feel that it should have been 24-25 episodes compared to its 12 with one of the episodes being a recap. I will say at the end of the day I had fun watching this anime weekly. There were moments that I liked. Moments that I straight up hated it. But, I see the potential that this show has and I definitely will be watching season two in october.

I am gonna test something to see if it works. If you haven’t read my weekly thoughts where I go more in depth in the episodes this series. Look below and read every episode review that I have done this season. Thank you to everyone that took the time out of your day to read this and the past reviews if you did. If you want more posts like this follow or subscribe to this blog and until next time, be great people.

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5 thoughts on “The Start to Something Great | 86 EIGHTY-SIX Season 1 Review

  1. San Magnolia is actually not an empire but a republic. It’s the Giad Empire that Legion units come from that is an empire.

    Yeah, I agree with you that the earlier episodes were really quite painful to watch at times, but the show has improved since then.

    My favourite shows of the spring season were Odd Taxi and Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song.

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    1. Thanks for the correction. Also I have seen the first half of Vivy so far and love it. I am planning to do a review on it once I complete it. I just need to catch up. Also I have heard high praises of Odd Taxi is it worth the watch?


      1. Yes, Odd Taxi definitely is worth watching. The creators of the show clearly had a plan in making the show, and the all the pieces came together by the end of the show. After I finished watching the series, I found out there was a series of audio dramas that ran concurrent with the show that actually adds to the story and helps to clear up something in the final episode of the show. I would definitely recommend watching it. Although it’s not as fun to watch as Vivy because it doesn’t have the sakuga action, it definitely has its strengths based on the strength of its storytelling and the mature discussions brought up in the show.

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