Operation Desert Pasta | Youjo Senki: Sabaku no Pasta Daisakusen Review

Imagine going to battle for some pasta. Man do I love this show. As this month has just been Saga of Tanya the Evil’s month. As we get the announcement for the anime. Along with this amazing OVA that came out. I am happy for the studio NUT that they finally get to produce season two after such an amazing movie. So let’s talk about these 16 minutes of fun.

Pasta Overlord

So this episode is called Operation Desert Pasta due to guys in HQ getting tired of the large amounts of pasta that they have to eat. So much that it is getting stale and lowering morale. So Cornel Erich decided to “gift” the 203rd Battalion with a crate of their plain pasta. With no water, sauce, or anything. So such a great “gift”

The Desert

We go to the location where the battalion was at the end of season one. As they were stationed in the desert. But, they are running low on water in the heat of the desert. Since they don’t have water they raid an enemy camp easily for supplies and come with a ton of water to make pasta with and last in the desert. So after an easy victory they have a celebration with their pasta at their camp.

Plain Pasta

But, the past has no flavor. So even though they have water they suffer from plain pasta. So Lieutenant Serebryakova made a proportion to raid special areas for spices. With Tanya schockly to her men as she was in full agreement with her. Thus leading to the new operation called Operation Desert Pasta.

Tanya’s And the 203rd Battalion

I just want to note that I love that we get moments like this between them. I can’t wait to see more of them in season two and more. Seeing them just joking around and doing them. It is a great troop and I just love that they really have a great comradery between them as they get prepared for the operation.

Operation Desert Pasta

We then get a montage of the perfect operation. With everyone finding the perfect ingredients for a real pasta celebration. With them getting amazing toppings for their food. It was a great and well earned victory for the 203rd battalion that raised morale of the troops. Along with a great victory for Tanya and her man.

Tanya Can Never Catch a Break

But we should know at this point that Tanya can never catch a break. So since her troop finished the pasta so quickly. They decided to send all of the crates of pasta to them. So they better get used to it for a while.

Youjo Senki II Announcement

I am happy that Tanya got the season two announcement. As it was the last one of the big 4 (Overlord, Konosuba, Re:Zero, Tanya) to not get a season 2. I was planning to read the manga then the light novel. But, I might have to wait for the anime now. I expect nothing but fun from the anime and I can’t wait to have this crazy girl back.

Squad Goals via @youjosenki twitter

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