The 5 Anime That I Am Watching Summer 2021

As we are coming to an end to the spring season I just wanted to talk about 5 anime that are on my radar this upcoming summer. Just a disclaimer I am only human and have not seen every anime in the world. So series like Slime, Higurashi, and the Irregular at Magic High School spinoff will not be on this list. As I am behind on all of those series. Also there are 4 series that I will not be watching due to me reading the manga or light novel. Those series being The Duke of Death and His Maid, Kanojo mo Kanojo, Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu, and Seirei Gensouki. All series that I enjoy reading (except for Serei Gensouki) and would recommend watching this season. Now that I got all of the boring stuff out of the way onto the list.

1) How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Despite me just talking about not watching the series that I have read the manga to. This series is just different. As How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom is a series that deals with a lot of politics and war, one of my favorite genres in fiction. The plot is about a person getting iskeaid and rebuilding the kingdom and I enjoy this series a lot.

2) My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

I hate this series so much. The main reason that I am staying is because of the potential that this story still has. As I am blindly hoping for Catarina to gain common sense for one more season before I drop it. Alright I might be being too hard on the story. Everyone beside Catarina are solid characters, the animation is some nice mid, and the overall story is above average. Also I am interested as the trailer shows a possibility of romance not related to Katarina.

3) Sonny Boy

It is always refreshing to get an anime original from a huge anime company like Madhouse. As the anime original is something that is having a little bit of a resurgence as of late. So this is an anime that I am looking forward to to see it’s story and what will become of it.

4) Deatte 5-byou de Battle

Of all the anime that I am watching this season, this anime has the largest boom or bust potential to me. The reason that I picked this anime up is because I love survival game series. With the synopsis and trailer of this being one to pique my interest. I will be watching episode one of it for sure.

5) Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon S

Fun fact about this series in particular is that I have never watched it. But I respect this series, I respect Kyoto Animation (may their souls rest in peace), and I respect everything that was put into making this anime so much that I am gonna binge all of season one by the premiere of this show. This is Kyoto’s first full seasonal anime since that tragic event and for them to make this show it is inspiring to me and I this is the series that I am looking forward to the most this season.

Concluding Thoughts

You know I am kinda mad at Spring for producing so many good anime. As 86, Vivy, Tokyo Revengers, Shadow House, Omakase, and so many more were so good that it was kinda unfair as I have to catch up to all of those series. Summer is gonna be an interesting season due to a lot of unknowns to me. Also I found it very neat that I knew every non original isekai series plot off the top of my head in this season’s isekai pool.

Thanks to everyone that took the time out of your day to read this. If there are any anime that I have not said then recommend it below as I am always interested in new series. If you want more posts like this then follow or subscribe to this blog. Until next time be great.

2 thoughts on “The 5 Anime That I Am Watching Summer 2021

  1. I don’t know how interested you are in watching a shoujo anime, but Kageki Shoujo!!’s first episode showed promise with 2 interesting main leads that serve as foils for each other and also introduced the rest of the core cast. The premise is girls going to an arts academy that serves as a high school where they learn and try their best to be actors. I’m interesting in seeing how the 2 girls navigate bullying, stalking, and sabotage, and all that jazz due to the culture of the business and their pasts.

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    1. I’m typically interested in a ton of genres. I saw the trailer of this and gives me Revue Starlight vibes so I give episode one a shot.


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