Confession | Grand Blue Manga Chapter 69 “Two to Return” Review

A lot has happened in this chapter of Grand Blue. As this is the milestone 69th chapter, the creators had to deliver and deliver they did. As in this chapter we started with this chill vibe with comedic moments. Then we end the chapter with some amazing character dialogue and growth. As in this chapter we had a confession and the aftermath of that confession. So let us talk about that grand blue greatness with chapter 69 called “Two to Return”.

Chisa’s Feelings

The chapter begins with a moment of Chisa wondering about Aina’s crush on Iori. Which is interesting to see as she really doesn’t see Iori as a partner currently. So I wonder what her approach to Aina will be with that. Will she finally break off this fake relationship to get her friend to pursue Iori. Will we get insight into how she feels about Busujima as she was pursuing Iori after this chapter possibly. It will be interesting as Chisa is an interesting character in her own right. With the way that they use so little thought bubbles for her character. I feel that there is a purpose to that. Maybe possibly hiding growing feelings towards Iori or something even crazier.

Hanging Out

With the group enjoying their final day at Okinawa. They have some light diving fun because we learn that scuba diving and flying do not mix. So after the light diving session, Iori sets up a table where the group gets to eat some good food. During the meal Busujima was questioning Chisa on the “relationship” between her and Iori. Trying to pry into their “love” for one another. While that is happening we then learn that Chisa hid the fact of her and Iori going on the trip from her sister. Which is an interesting detail that we talk about a little later.

Airport Mix Up

After eating the group goes shopping for some items and while they are doing that. Iori gets a call from the A. N. A. L. airport. Which was something that I thought was a joke at first or possibly a set up by his “friend”. But, it looks to be just another joke from the duo authors. As through them we learn that there was a mess up and either Chisa or himself would have to stay back for some more time. Busujima after learning this finished the call for him so that he can stay a little longer with her due to her flight being later. Aina, learning this threatened to tell the secret that Chisa hid from her sister to her if Iori did anything sexual to Busujima while they were gone. Leaving the two of them alone to return home.


So since they have some time, Iori decided to take Busujima to multiple stores before they went home. Busujima is having fun shopping and Iori is chilling. After all the fun they had, they made it home. But, before they went home Busujima wanted to have some food. So after getting rejected by every store they grab some drinks from a store and relax near the water.

Chilling near the Water

While chilling they come to some revelations about one another. As Iori realized she knew about the money but not how much it was. While Busujima realized that Iori and Chisa are really not a thing. Then they just have a real as f*ck conversation with one another about being true to yourself. Conversations like this are why I love this manga so much. As Busujima is a b*tch, but I love her character when she is true to herself when she is with Iori. Then when she realizes her feelings towards him she confesses to him as herself.


When I read this moment to the chapter I was shocked at how well the confession and the aftermath of the confession was written. As a confession between their characters is one that I expected to happen someway down the line of the story. But, I didn’t expect the way that it was gonna be written this good. I personally just love the way that they just converse like actual adults. While also the confession being something that was just beautiful. In a medium that has all of this Aina mentality. It is a breath of fresh air.


Speaking of Aina, despite knowing that Busujima had feelings for Iori. She let the two stay alone. Which is something that I am curious about. As Aina is a person that has been annoying about her pursuit of Iori to me. With the constant of stalking him and trying to ward off girls coming his way. But, after thinking about it for a while I can understand where her character is coming from. As she has this shy nature about her that is annoying as hell but, she can’t control her weakness and due to that weakness in her. After she witnesses Busujima, a person who didn’t realize her feelings yet go so hard for a person. It felt like such a huge defeat to her that she let Busujima have alone time with him. To sort her feelings with him. Leading to the confession and his answer to that confession.


Now I personally predicted that Iori was gonna reject her after she confessed. But, before he could, Busujima rejected that answer. Forcing him to choose between him saying that he’ll think about it in the future or saying yes. While she constantly pursues him to change his mind. This great exchange gave me a lot of questions.

Their Relationship Forward

One of the questions being how will they commute in the future. Busujima said that she will be more aggressive in the future, so what does that mean? Will she join the club to be closer to Iori? Will we see more of the Busujima during this trip? Along with all of that I am curious as to why Iori rejected her.


I can predict why he would reject her. But, I wish that Iori gave us a reason. As I am wondering, was it just because of her personality? Or does he like someone else that we have not gotten privy to? Is he just trying to live out his college life currently? Does it have to deal with his former girlfriend that he mentioned on a one off line? There is a lot that I wonder about his character to why he would reject her and I just hope we get more on that in the future.

Nanaka Mad

For some reason earlier in the chapter Chisa hid the fact of her and Iori going out. Then as she is returning home in a daze. Talking about Aina and Iori to herself. She then bumps into Nanaka and talks about Iori forgetting about her hiding it from Nanaka to then go to sleep. Nanaka then has the smile of death. So I anticipate next chapter Iori might be dead and the series ends. I expect a lot of comedy in the next chapter so it’s gonna be fun.


One more thing before I end this. I have this question to you if anyone actually reads this. Is Chisa in a state similar to the one that Busujima was in? Is she in love with Iori deep down but doesn’t realize it yet. As there had to be a reason that she hid that secret from Nanaka right. Now she is thinking over and over again about Aina liking Iori. I know her reaction to Busujima was that, but think about it.

Final Thought

Now I can always remember chapter 69 of Grand Blue will forever be known as the Busujima confession chapter. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you want more posts like this then subscribe or follow this blog. Until next time be great people.

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