The Insane & Genius AKaKin | Kingdom Manga Chapter 684 “Surprise Attack” Review

This chapter was a surprise if you can say that. As we get to see the fruition of a plan that was in the works for multiple days. Seeing how it was formed and was changed on the fly. Seeing that was very interesting along with the ending of this chapter. So let us talk about chapter 684 of Kingdom called “Surprise Attack””

Ouhon and Akakin’s Plan

I like that this plan was made from a collaborative effort between Ouhon and Akakin. As it not only shows the smarts of Ouhon. But, we get more information on the genius and insanity of Akakin, a member of Kanki’s Army. Seeing the talk about this plan that had very little chance of succeeding and completing it was rewarding to see after this exchange.

Surprise Attack

Since the plan was made in a way that both needed to accomplish a difficult feat. We got to see Akakin’s side in how he made it to the top. Compared to how Ouhon and Shin had to climb. They were not interrupted as much. But, it took as much effort losing men and horses on the way. But, it was all to succeed in this surprise pincer attack.

Akakin Madness

Ouhon though couldn’t complete his side of the plan. But, instead of attacking Akakin waited and due to his insane awareness. After noticing Shin he waited for Shin to take the mountain. For the plan to come to fruition. Instead of saving Ouhon after making it to the top. Putting all of his eggs in one basket for the perfect pincer to win in this battle.

Akakin Changing the Whole Battle

I loved how as soon as he came to the battle. He completely changed the whole dynamic of the battle. With the move of leading the left flank in one direction. It led to easing the workload of Shin’s unit. Along with shifting the entire terrain that was Zhou’s advantage to Qin’s in an instance. Making this surprise attack successful.

GakuHaku Enters

As everything seems to be on the side of Qin. Everything seeming to be in a positive direction. General GakuHaku has come in the frey and he is not playing around. He stands as a giant destroying Qin soldiers. I am very interested in who fights GakuHaku in this battle. As Shin and Akakin are great candidates for this fight. And it will be interesting next chapter.

Final Thought

It was an solid chapter to learn more about Akakin and his character. Thank you to all that took the time out of your day to read this. If you want more posts like this subscribe or follow this blog and until next time be great people.

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