The Conclusion To Hachiman’s Story | Oregairu 3 (Final Season) Review

I have been avoiding this anime’s final season and review like the plague. The reason being because of the amazing writing that was put into this show’s characters. It was so great that I didn’t want to see them cry and get into these uncomfortable moments that happened in this season. But, I needed to see the end of this story. A story that was one of the toughest watches that I have possibly ever had to do. It was a story that I loved from its beginning to its end. And a story that I have a lot to talk about. So let us discuss the final season of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu) in depth.

The Love Triangle

I am gonna start off by talking about love triangles in medium. As of all of the love triangles, quadrilaterals, and tetrahedrons that I have personally seen in fiction. This one to me was one of the most painful and uncomfortable to watch. When I was thinking why this was such a painful watch that I avoided. I came to the reason being that it was due to the three characters of Yui, Yukino, and Hachiman. With the conclusion of episode 4 there was a feeling of who was gonna be picked. So after I came to that conclusion in my head I didn’t want to see the aftermath of that decision and have the possibility of these three separating. Especially after seeing the relationship between the three grow so much in this story. To see that possibly come to an end would be heartbreaking to me and I was not ready for that.

Their relationship compared to most love triangles in fiction was different. It isn’t some relationship that is on and off. Or a relationship where some guy that deals with both girls and cheats with both of them. It is not some harem where everyone gets together at the end. It is a choice that Hachiman had to make being with one person for the rest of his life. A choice that was going to alter the relationship between the three of them for the rest of their lives. So I commend Wataru Watari for what he has done with these characters and the plot of this story.

Metaphors and Interpretations

Another thing that I wanted to address was something that I disliked and enjoyed in this story. As when the three talk with one another. They all were using this code to refer to their relationship and the love that was growing between them. Using missions and trials instead of being direct and honest to convey their feelings. It was a confusing code on the first watch and there were plenty of moments that I interpreted wrong. But, when you understand the characters that we are talking about. This dynamic is the only way they could address the situation to one another. So I understand why they spoke in this code during the series. But, then there were people that were more outspoken as they tried to break this code.


With Haruno, the elder sister of Yukino putting the relationship and everything out there any chance she can. As she was a person that felt like a watcher of the story that was in the story. As she was trying to speed up the process of the story herself. Mainly trying to put it to an end. Which is something that I can understand from her point of view. As she just doesn’t want Hachiman to string the emotions of these girls for long. Especially one being her younger sister I see her side of the story. She played a very solid role this season as the pseudo antagonist of the story. Being the obstacle that helped push the relationship between the three. Along with multiple characters in this story.

Supporting Cast

Before I talk about the five main characters among other things. I want to talk a little about the supporting cast. As I will admit that I was a little disappointed in them this season. As they were pushed in the background so that Hachiman and his love story would thrive. Which isn’t a bad thing. But, I feel that this story had so much with characters like Hayato. As we never got a conclusion to his story and love with Haruno. Hachiman’s sister felt unneeded for the amount of time we got from her this season. I have disliked Zaimokuza this entire series and could care little for this character sorry.

I personally wish we got more with Saki as she is one of my personal favorite characters for her backstory. But, this season it felt that she was just there to be there. Both Yui’s and Yukino’s moms were amazing. There are other characters that I can talk about, but mostly they were not prominent in this season as much as the main five. All being put in the background and prematurely ending their stories. With the final person that I wish we would have gotten more from in this season was Kaori. As all she was is a contributor to one of the best moments in this season.

Random Rap Battle

Speaking of that, in this emotionally filled season I wanted to shout out to whoever thought to randomly place an entire rap battle randomly in the season. I don’t know if this is cannon or not. But, if it is then props to the author for throwing me off my game completely. I had to rewind this scene about 8 or 9 times the first time I saw it. As it was just one of those amazing moments in a series that was something that I didn’t know I needed until I got it. Seeing how Hachiman randomly rapped in the moment, then Mr. Hands(Tamanawa) came into the battle like it was nothing. With Kaori adding to this craziness and Yui being us in complete disbelief in what is happening. This was to me one of the best moments in the entire season. Then the funny thing afterwards is that they talk like they had a normal conversation and it is never brought up again in the story again.


Iroha was a character that came into the second season and seeing her dynamic with Hachiman was a treat in this show. Seeing all of her constant rejections with him was something that I never grew tired of. Especially since it became less of a rejection every time and it came to a point where he seriously asked her out. I am pretty sure she would have said yes. Seeing that relationship grow was something special. It made her a better person and more to her true self along the way. Seeing her story made her one of my favorite characters in the show. So I was a little mad cause they ain’t had to do my girl dirtier like that in episode 5. With her feeling as irrelevant as possible with her in the middle of the fight between Hachiman and Yukino. I know that there was a point to that. But, I still felt pain for her character. A great character in this story overall.

Hiratsuka Sensei

Hiratsuka is a character that I love for her guidance and comedy in this show. As when anyone was lost in this story. They can look to her for advice and guidance for her. It is because of her that Hachiman and many others grew to the people that the are. There is a lot to her character. But, the one flaw to her character that I blame on Watari is that she is single. Cause she is too good of a woman for that. Hachiman technically said it and hell I will say it. She is the best girl of this series and I am just appreciative of her character being a vibe in this final season. She helped grow him to the man that he is today. Along with guiding him to make the difficult decision that he had to make.

Episode 11 aka The Rejection And Confession Episode

I was thinking about this decision for a while. Thinking about who I would have chosen if I were in the position of Hachiman? I was at a lost for words. Note I have been doing this single post for multiple days and I still can’t give you a proper answer. That shows how difficult this decision was for Hachiman and seeing him conclude this love triangle in this episode was sad and happy for all three of them. To see a heart broken and a relationship form in the same episode was masterful to me. This to me was the best episode of the franchise and what better to then the second last episode of the final season.

I want to say that the way that Hachiman handled the rejection of Yui was well handled on his part. I am glad that at least this time Yui was able to have her mother with her to cry. But, the pain in her eyes was something that I felt hard in that very moment. As all of the emotion and everything that she was holding back can be shown in that scene. Amazing job by the staff for that.

Now the confession was beautiful for Hachiman and Yukino. Despite it being one of the most edgy confessions that I have seen in a minute. I loved it because it is them and I am happy for the two of them and their future. As now they will be together.


Now I want to speak about the character of Yukino. I love her character and seeing her forever growing in this story was great. As she was someone that is very similar to Hachiman and completely different in so many ways. She is stubborn, but also amazing and selfless. She is a great friend to Yui and can be cold at times. Though she didn’t get as much shine as Yui in this final season. I still enjoyed the moments we got with her and Hachiman. Overall in the story seeing her character development now compared to the first time that they met in episode one was an amazing ride to see. Also getting the date episode at the end was a very nice touch.


This season was one that felt like I was witnessing someone just holding on for hope in a losing battle. As after a certain point there was a feeling that she had no chance of winning. So seeing her cling to Hachiman before he commits to Yukino was some of the most painful moments in this season to me. As we know her personality and just seeing her cry all of the time in this final season was something that I was not ready for. Seeing her keep this smile in moments that she was in pain. Just seeing all of the selflessness of her character was just overall hard to watch. Leading to this review taking a near year to complete.

But with Yui, I love seeing her friendship with Yukino grow so much in the series. Along with her love for Hikki to grow. She is a character that I loved, and enjoyed this season and all of the anime. Her personality and everything that she does was amazing. Sadly she didn’t win but, it was a difficult choice and I truly believe that in another world she would have won. So I am happy yet sad for her as she wants to keep this relationship between the three of them despite changes in their relationship. Leading to the OVA that we will get soon.


Now on the OVA, I want to start out by saying that this is needed. As I just wanted to see more of her side of this story after the confession. Personally if I had it my way I this OVA would not be the end and we would have a season 4. As I would have loved to see the cast go to college, pursue their dreams, and much more. Along with getting more from the characters that were kinda shafted in this season. But, I am glad that we get to see this OVA at the very least. Along with learning that it will cover Yui and hopefully conclude her story. As her story is not concluded and it will be interesting to see how it is completed.


Time for the final person of discussion being a man that goes by many names. Be it 8man, Hikki, or even Fishigaya but most known him as Hachiman Hikigaya. There is a lot to say about his character. But, what I will say about him is this. In episode one he sat in the backseat of the classroom opposite to the window. Having a negative personality, being a heavily introverted person, not having any relationships with anyone except Hiratsuka Sensei. Now he is a person with a better personality, he has a plethora of friends that care for him, he has a girlfriend that he loves and loves him back, he is overall a more positive and open person, and finally he is sitting by the window as a true anime protagonist. Ending the romantic, comedic, and enjoyable story of Hachiman Hikigaya.

Thank You

I want to end this by thanking studio Brain’s Base for starting this story and studio Feel for concluding this story. I want to thanks to everyone that worked on the completion of this story. As we don’t get many of those in this industry. Finally I want to end by saying thank you to Wataru Watari for giving us an enjoyable story to the end. Along with giving us an amazing main character in Hachiman and giving us a proper end to his story.

Final Thoughts

I want to say that this review was one of the hardest that I ever made. It took alot of editing, revising, and tearing down the entire post to remake it from scratch again. But, I wanted to give this show the review it deserved. As I loved this show to the fullest. I am happy that I got this review over with and now I can move on with other things finally. So thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. I am grateful to you all. If you want more posts like this then subscribe or follow to this blog and until next time, be great people.

2 thoughts on “The Conclusion To Hachiman’s Story | Oregairu 3 (Final Season) Review

  1. So after hearing about the plot that happens in the after story, I don’t want any more of Oregairu. I love the show as it exists, and i would love to know more about Yukino’s story (which I felt got short changed.) But once the confession happened, I didn’t want any more love triangle.

    Definitely a series I loved though.

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