My 10 Favorite Anime Episodes

Alright time to talk about my 10 favorite anime episodes of all time. As I saw this video on youtube ranking the highest rated episodes all time. So after seeing that I wanted to make a list ranking my personal favorites. Note I am human and have not seen every anime in the world. Also this list will be one episode per anime. With that out of the way here are my 10 favorite anime episodes.

10) Dragon Ball Z Episode 95 “Transformed at Last”

The sole reason that this episode is here is because of nostalgia. I remember as a kid seeing Goku turn super saiyan for the first time and going crazy. As with the loss of Krillin everything just went dark and that transformation was one of a kind.

9) Vinland Saga Season 1 Episode 24 “End Of Prologue”

The reason that I loved this episode so much is because of the amazing adaptation to this series and this conclusion to the first arc. I never thought I would see the day where a anime to a great seinen was adataped better than the original work. But, we got one here as a person that has read and watched both. I will say that this was adapted better than an already great manga. Seeing one of my favorite chapters animated better than the source was a treat. Thanks to none other than Wit Studio.

8) Naturo Episode 48 “Gaara vs Rock Lee: The Power of Youth Explodes”

Another nostalgia filled episode that is very entertaining to this day. This episode was the definition of not judging a book by its cover. As when Rock Lee took those weights off for the first time against Gaara and gave him that work. That to this day is one of the most hyped moments that I have ever seen.

7) Chihayfuru Season 2 Episode 24 “How Clueless You Are”

I had to have my queen Shinobu on this list. Her match against Arata in the episode as a whole was the definition of masterful. Of all of the battles in the show’s three seasons. This to me is still my personal favorite battle of all of them. As it was the rebirth of Arata and a deeper look into my favorite character of Chihayfuru’s mind.

6) Gintama Episode 183 “Popularity Polls Can Burn to Hell” and Episode 305 “Sworn Enemy”

It was hard picking one episode out of all of Gintama as my favorite. As I was contemplating picking for comedy or seriousness. So I decided to pick both and average them out to where they would be on this list. I know I am going against the rules but it’s Gintama. Seeing Gintoki Vs Takasugi is a hype along with everything in 305. But, then in terms of comedy the popularity poll arc is one of my favorite arcs in anime history in terms of comedy. Just to let everyone know you should watch Gintama.

5) Hunter X Hunter Episode 51 “A × Brutal × Battlefield” (AKA Requiem)

Of all of the episodes of Hunter X Hunter. This one to me still takes the cake as my favorite. As this was the introduction to Chrollo and his powers. Then ending the episode with a Requiem to say goodbye to an old friend and member in Uvogin. It was horrifying and beautiful at the same time. Then when the ED kept playing the requiem at the end. It was just one of those special episodes in the show.

4) OwariMonogatari Season 2nd Episode 7 “Ougi Dark, Part 3”

I want to start off by saying if the Kizu movies were episodes they would have been here at possibly one. But, that is not to undermine the amazing conclusion to the Ougi Dark arc. As it ended the arc of Ougi along with the struggles that Araragi had also. Concluding the arc with Araragi and Shinobu being one again in the story. It was just an amazing episode that concluded many plotlines and brought everything together that I just love. Hopefully one day we will get an anime one day.

3) One Piece Episode 278 “Say You Want to Live! We Are Friends!!”

I love One Piece. As it contains some of my favorite moments in all of anime. Including the first time I balled my eyes out to an anime. As this episode showed Robin’s backstory and seeing why she did all of this. Then you had Luffy shooting the flag declaring war against the whole government for Robin. Concluding the episode with Robin finally wanting to live and screaming it out her lungs. Man, I am tearing up just writing this. That episode was that good.

2) Re:Zero Season 1 Episode 15 “The Outside of Madness”

I remember watching this show weekly and enjoying watching it every week. As this was one of the first anime that I was watching weekly not knowing what was gonna happen next. Then this episode came out and I remember at the end of the episode saying that this was the single greatest episode in fiction that I have ever seen. From the way that it was directed to Petelgeuse’s voice acting and just the way that the episode ended with Subaru and the credits rolling. This episode was one of a kind to me and I ever thought that any episode would top it. Well until “Hero” came.

1) Attack On Titan Season 3 Episode 17 “Hero”

This episode had it all in terms of action, emotion, sacrifice, it had everything. From the beginning to the end of the episode it is the definition of greatness. You had Erwin’s final charge, Levi vs the Beast Titan, Miska finishing off Reiner, and Erin finishing off Bertold in poetic fashion. Along with so much more. It is one of the greatest single episodes in anime and I don’t think that anything will top it. But, that is the amazing thing about anime, anything is possible.

Final Thoughts

Well that was a fun list. In a year it will probably be very different. But this is the list as of July 2021. If you want to see my favorite anime of all time then there should be a bar above for that. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more posts like this follow or subscribe to this blog and until next be great people.

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  1. Speaking of favourite anime episodes, I believe that Kageko Shoujo!!’s Episode 3 was the best episode in anime this entire year has had to offer. If you haven’t watched it yet, I highly recommend at least watching Kageki Shoujo!! up to Episode 3.

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