RAIDO!!!!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 686 “Kanki’s Objective” Review

Hara I love you man. But, sometimes you take this manga too far. As Koucho is a sick individual. Heck I will say that he might be as sick if not sicker than Kanki. As this chapter is the interrogation to find out one thing. What is Kanki’s objective, something that I have been wondering about along with many others. So let us discuss “Kaiki’s Objective” in chapter 686 of Kingdom.

Oddly Generous

We start the chapter with Raido after he gets captured. He and Koucho begin to talk and it is an oddly generous conversation at first. Where Koucho only tells his men to take off the finger of the men that killed his general. Alone with the son of that general. Both of which in gruesome ways. So when he started to offer which hand do you want to cut the fingers off. With that, the only thing presumily that to me was oddly generous. But, after the fingers we see the true nature of Koucho and his methods of torture.


So after taking some fingers. He then takes an arm, then comes the nails to the body, then the peeling off the skin, eyeballs being forced out and more graphic things. Killing some of the other men alongside while keeping Raido alive. Chapters like this remind me that this is a seinen and Hara loves to remind us of the horrors of war. I am not saying that Raido’s group didn’t deserve that. But, damn that was a bit much to read. But in the end, it was all to find out one thing.

Kanki’s Objective

It is something that we are all trying to find out. But, sadly Hara clickbaited us as we did not find out the objective. But, we learn some things about Kanki and the character of Raido. So what I am hypothesizing with the information is that Kanki is wiping out his army on purpose because he plans to vacate from Qin to another state. But, in order to do that he might have made an agreement to wipe out as many members of Qin as possible. Leading to him being the “best of us scum” in his own army like Raido said.

RIP TO Raido: Kanki’s Most Loyal Soldier

But, whatever Kanki’s objective was. It was not gonna come out of the mouth of Raido. As his loyalty to Kanki is above everything. Leading to the death of his character with his final thoughts being him just wanting to talk to Kanki one more time. Dying as Kanki’s most loyal soldier.

Final Thoughts

It was a great chapter and one again RIP to Raido. It will be interesting what happens next in the story. So until then thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more posts like this then follow or subscribe to this blog. Until next time be great people.

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