Shin Vs GakuHaku Begins | Kingdom Manga Chapter 685 “Hour of Reckoning” Review

Alright we are back to talk about Kingdom. We get the beginning to a huge fight, we learn more about the character of GakuHaku along with his men, and we end the chapter with a meeting of two characters. It was an interesting chapter. So let us review chapter 685 of Kingdom titled “Hour of Reckoning”.

GakuHaku Enters The Battle

We start the chapter with GakuHaku facing the Hi Shin Unit. With his large mace to go along with his huge frame as he destroys the soldiers with ease. Killing many men and pushing some of them off the mountain with his strength alone. One of those people that was included in that cross fire was Kyou Rei.

Kyou Rei Leaves The Battle

Though she made it to the top of the mountain with everyone. She was forced out of the battle after falling off the mountain due to horses. So for now she is out of the battle until future notice. But, I will say that it was an interesting choice to leave her out of this battle currently. But, before she fell she left a message that GakuHaku uses a martial art that is special. Possibly a special art similar to her and Kyou Kai’s clan so his fighting style will be interesting.

Boredom Of A General

After reeking a large havoc. GakuHaku had a discussion with Shin about many things. Leading to the title of the chapter. As it is finally their hour of reckoning. As we learn about him and his troops, boredom as a general that is in a single post and not out battling. Which I can understand from his perspective and the perspective of the Chu soldiers earlier. It is very interesting hearing from these soldiers that are just posted in their positions and ready to fight like crazy.

The Battle Begins

After their long discussion. Shin had enough of talking and just went straight to fighting. It is gonna be an interesting matchup between the two of them. This battle has GakuHaku and his special martial art. Along with us seeing Shin be Shin. Along with battles that are going on around. I can’t wait to see that.

Raido Meets Supreme Commander Koucho

The chapter ends with Raido meeting the current supreme commander of Zhou, Koucho. What they will discuss will be interesting. As Raido was the only one given information from all of his men. So what they will discuss will be interesting to say the least.

Final Thoughts

Luckily I get to react to the next chapter right after this post. So a review on that should come in an hour. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of your day to read this. If you want more posts like this then follow or subscribe to this blog. As I am posting until I can’t anymore this week. So until then be great people.

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