Bittersweet Path Of Saving The World | Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Season Review

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song is an anime original series that was produced by Wit Studios and written by Eiji Umehara & the creator of Re:Zero, Tappei Nagatsuki. Together they created a story of an AI named Vivy trying to complete a single mission. That mission being to make everyone happy with her singing. A pretty simple task when you think about it at first. But, when a complication comes to this task like the world ending. Then we get the birth of the amazing yet bittersweet 100 year journey of Vivy. As she tries to make the world happy with her singing.

Music & Animation

I will start by saying that Wit Studio is my favorite animation studio for a reason. As they have this way of making their animation just fluid from the fight scenes to just everything in this season was just beautiful. The two character designs that they had for Vivy and other robot was a great touch and overall Wit can never do anything wrong.(except the Masumoto cube thing) On their music I will say that the musical genre as a whole is a genre that I tend to stray away from a lot. So for me to say that the music of this anime was so good that it has changed my entire view on the musical in anime as a whole. That really shows the amazing work that this series has done. With not only music but in its animation also.


Now in this series you can see a lot of things in Vivy that you can pull from Tappei Nagatsuki’s other work in Re:Zero. As the protagonists in both series are given this gift of correcting time for the better. But, this gift is also a curse. As though you are given the chance to make things right by your hands, it is also a curse. As though you can save many lives doing one thing. You cannot control everything and Vivy learns that quickly after one that gave her her name is gonna die. But she is prevented from doing so because it can cause a major rift in the timeline. Making them unable to save humanity. But, overall the concept of time is always interesting to see. As the show follows the multiverse theory and having Vivy be an AI allows them to speed through 100 years of history and you see how Vivy and society slowly grows.

The 7 Missions Of Vivy

Now the way that I can best talk about this series is dividing the story up into 7 missions. Those being the seven tasks that Vivy had to complete throughtout this anime in order to complete her goal of making everyone happy with her singing a reality. After rewatching the anime and going over my notes. Though she completed the majority of those tasks they all ended in a bittersweet way. No story in Vivy ended with everyone happy. There is death, lost, much more for the betterment of the world. Everyone can’t be happy for the greater good and this anime emphasizes that heavily with these missions. So let us discuss them.

Mission One: Saving The Life Of Youichi Aikawa (Twice)

The first mission was to ensure the life of Youchi Aikawa. As he was a man that would reject the AI Naming Law. Which was one task of many that would possibly help save the future. Though Vivy succeeded in spectacular fashion. Jumping from building to building, saving multiple lives along with saving Aikawa twice. It only resulted in a Law that was stronger than the AI Naming Law to be born. Overall though it was an amazing introduction to the story.

Mission Two: Prevent The Crash Of The Spaceship

Estella Best Girl

This mission was the one that made this story from good to great in my opinion. As the story of the twin AIs was one that was sad yet beautifully written. As seeing the way that they were born and separated. Seeing the life of one be great while the other being discarded because of an experiment that ended in failure. It is something that felt really cold to me and I feel that this was one of the steps that truly led to the end of the world. A subject that I will talk about later. But, it was a beautiful arc and my second favorite of the story. I am happy that the sisters were able to have that reunion and save the people of the spaceship. Though it cost their lives in the process. Along with altering the timeline in an extreme way. It was an amazing way to end an arc.

Mission Three: Destroy the Island of the Two Lovers

This arc to me is one that I am really interested in general to life. As at the rate that society is going at currently. This is something that I can see happening one day. Eventually leading to declining birth rates. With the plot of this arc revolving around the first marriage of an AI and human in their world. But, the mission of these episodes was to put the end of a factory. Which we later find out is Grace’s original copy. This episode was really well written and was another arc that ended sadly. The backstory of Grace and Tatsuya Saeki was a backstory that I was really stuck on. Thinking about this arc for days, having conversations with people and I am gonna ask this question again to people who read this.

Was it Really Love?

Was there really love between them both? That is a question that I pondered on constantly. I know for a fact that Tatsuya Saeki cared deeply for her. But was it love or infatuation with her? How did the original Grace feel for him? Was it her task that would lead to the relationship between them? Does she still care for him after having her task changed? What would have happened if he succeeded in his task in transferring her to her body? It is something that I really think about to this day. Also the copying of the person that you love didn’t seem right with me. Especially since Grace 2(a copy of the original) was programmed to severe you. Which is a whole other can of worms that I plan to make a whole separate post on.

The End of Mission 3

But back on the mission as it ended sadly. Tatsuya killed himself after losing the AI that he loved since he was a child. Which is a whole other thing that I will not talk about today. Was very sad since Vivy realized that she couldn’t make him happy. Leading to her going into a shock after his death. Taking her to the point she had to reboot, removing Vivy and leaving Diva. Ending mission 3 sad but successful.

Mission Four: Prevent Ophelia’s Suicide

This to me was the best and the most interesting mission in the story. From the twist of Ophelia actually being Antonio to all of the action. This was my favorite arc of the story. Even though I am not fond of the memory losing troupe. The execution was done really well in my opinion. As it was a way to grow Masumoto and Vivy’s relationship. Realizing that they are partners in this and showing that the both of them need one other to succeed. Also knowing that Masumoto could have done what Antonio did turned a new leaf to his character to me.

To learn about Antonio’s motives and his killing of Ophelia was something that I had to pause and think about for a moment also. I will say that this series really makes you think about life. As this was something really messed up. Since he didn’t believe in her, he took her job and life wearing her skin and lived as her. Imagine that. I was in complete shock when Antonio’s voice came out. They managed to beat him. But, the mission ended in a complete failure and made things worse for the future. It came with the positives like strengthened the bond between the two main characters and returning Vivy’s memories. At the end of the day this was bittersweet like the rest.

Mission Five: Create A Song From Heart

After the mission of Ophelia and Antonio. Vivy’s old memories came back. But, her voice disappeared as it was deleted. Leading to an arc of her trying to make a song from her heart. It was a nice montage along with learning about origins of the man that started this mission and why he chose Vivy to do this mission. Seeing how everything leads up to the moment that we are was neat. As I really enjoy seeing Vivy’s character and seeing her character get a moment of peace. I know she gets decade breaks. But, it was a good episode to see Vivy accomplish this task. Being the first AI to do so in history. Though she didn’t regain her voice she was able to succeed in her mission.

AIs and Humanity

Something that you might have picked up in this series along with Is the sad world of being an AI. As they are treated coldly as robots. Separated and thrown away if not useful. Rebooted to have some of their memories overwritten. Along with many other things that this show didn’t show, but you can expect it. Then you realized that everything that AIs do now was made in a way that made the lives easier for humanity. But to the point of it being a burden to the AIs. As they do all of the jobs, they run the police, and do near everything in future. So when the head AI realized this I could understand their point. As when they were useless they are tossed aside so why not humans. Leading to the end of the world that was unavoidable due to humanity’s foolishness.

Mission Six: Prevent The World’s End

100 years after the start of the mission came. The conclusion to everything was this. Everything that they attempted was for nothing. Ending in a complete failure. After coming to that reasoning. Now the task is to prevent the complete end of the world and save whatever is left of humanity. We get the technical return of Elizabeth(her clone) along with help from the granddaughter of Yugo. We get amazing fight scenes and moments. All to the end with Vivy making it to the core and learning that the way to defeat them is to sing the song that she created as a bet from the AI.

She cannot do so, leading to the complete destruction of humanity. But, in a last ditch effort, her creator put her back one more time. But, this time can only send her to the start of the destruction. Allowing her to save a couple more lives. Along with giving her the last chance to save humanity as Dr. Masumoto has died. But, this time she is ready to complete her mission.

Mission Seven: Sing with Heart

Now I will admit that it was a little corny for her to save the world by her singing. But, I loved it. As Vivy finally accomplished her mission to the fullest. In an epic song with a satellite coming to her. But, Masumoto uses all his power to defend her. Allowing her to complete her song and ending all of the AIs including herself. But, they were able to save her but she lost her memories once again. Now they are in a world where humanity took a huge loss in population. But, they were able to rebuild. Ending the show bittersweet and concluding the story of Vivy as she accomplished her mission.

Final Thoughts.

I want to start off by thanking Vance for recommending this series to me. It might have taken me a year to make and edit this but, I got it done. This anime was a fun ride while also being sad one. I loved the characters, the story, and everything about it. And this story is one that I will not forget. Thank you all for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more posts like this than follow or subscribe to this blog and until next time be great people.

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Path Of Saving The World | Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song Season Review

  1. “Does she still care for him after having her task changed? What would have happened if he succeeded in his task in transferring her to her body?”

    I think Grace did care for him given the song replayed in its consciousness over and over although as Matsumoto and Vivy said, it wasn’t really singing. I think if Tatsuya managed to transfer Grace to the copy’s body, that it would not be an exact clone of Grace given that its mission had been overwritten, so the new Grace might not have felt as strongly about him. Episode 4 also revealed that merely copying an AI’s experience data doesn’t make it so that you experienced it all yourself, and that’s why Elizabeth was deemed to be a failure, because the new one wasn’t an exact copy of the original since it hadn’t experienced most of what the original did.

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