A Discussion On 100 Kanojo So Far (Up to Chapter 65)

I haven’t talked about The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You in over a year as I took a little break from the series. I enjoyed what I read in the beginning and now I am here after reading 30 straight chapters of the manga and I have a couple things to talk about. Including thoughts on all 14 girlfriends. So here are my thoughts on the manga so far.

But, Before I Talk About Anything

I want to shout out to Xunscans for taking the time out of your day to translate this page and this manga. The author was a wild boy for making this page. So I just want to say that y’all are some real ones for translating this and still continuing this manga. It was a hassle to just read this so I can’t imagine translating and proofreading this. So I just want to show appreciation before I talk about anything.


Now onto the major negative of this story that hinders it from a good series to a great series in my opinion. That being the constant repetition of the story so far. As sadly Nakamura & Nozawa have fallen into this constant pattern of finding a new girl, learning about their quirk or gimmick, introducing them to the group, and then having a chapter or two with the collection of girls together playing off one another. Rinse and repeat the same sequence for a while now. It is entertaining, and I can see this story going for a while with this concept. But staying comfortable hinders a story that is really good from being great.

The Best Arc In The Series

The reason that I loved this story so much in the beginning was because of the Hakari rescue arc. An arc that was simple, yet well written along with highlighting the characters and showing their love for one another. With the addition of adding a shock factor and comedy with the reveal of Hahari. This was the only arc that diverted from this cycle and more arcs like this can move this story from a fun read to a series that is truly special.

Now Time To Talk about the 14 Girlfriends

In the beginning it was neat to see all the different troupes that we see in anime all the time. But the rate that this author is producing these characters. They are feeling less and less like characters compared to their predecessors. It might change as the author does add to these characters the deeper that we get into the story. With a prime example being Mimimi. As she is growing to a favorite of mine in the story. So here are my quick thoughts on all of the girls.

Hanazono Hakari (1st): The most lewd girl in the story. Love her dynamic with Karane and her mother. She is well deservant of the first girl title. Along with just being fun character.
Inda Karane (Best Girl) (2nd): She is my favorite girl and character in the story. She has amazing moments, and moments that make me love her character every chapter. I love that recently they gave her a couple chapters on her character and can’t wait for more of that in the future. Also her and Hakari have the best dynamic together of everyone.
Yoshimoto Shizuka (3rd): Shizuka is very underrated I feel. But the more that I think about her character. The more I think about the lap pillow chapter and I have to say that she is a lady in the streets and I am gonna end it there.
Eiai Nano (4th): Nano to me is a solid character that gets her moments.
Yakuzen Kusuri (5th): Kusuri gives me Katsura from Gintama vibes. As she is just a meme generator. The panels with her always have a way to make me smile and I like that.

Hanazono Hahari (6th): She is amazing. I love her character from her introduction to now. Top five girl guarantee.
Haraga Kurumi (7th): Before I didn’t like her character but I realize that it was mainly due to the repetition problem and her being a lesser Karane to a degree. And they even threw a joke about that in the manga. But, I will say that her character has grown on me throughout the story.
Meido Mei (8th): I like maid so I like Mei. Also I need to see the official colors in her eyes.
Sutou Iku (9th): Baseball Darkness(Konosuba) is funny as f*ck and enjoyable.
Utsukushisugi Mimimi (10th): I love her character because she had an actual backstory with Nano. Along with her character getting more depth to her every chapter. She is really good.
Kakure Meme (11th): I love her character for the sole reason that she has so many 4th wall breaking abilities that it is ridiculous and fun.

Iin Chiyo (12th): I am gonna be honest. I have hated her character since her introduction. I know that she is supposed to play the straight man. But, there is Karane for a reason. Also they really had to make her Rentarou’s cousin.
Yamato Nadeshiko (13th): Cowgirl American Teacher. Not gonna say more.
Yasashiki Yamame (14th): She just got introduced. But, hey tall girls need love to.

Crowded Problem

Now a fear that I have with this series is all of the main characters grouping. As I have never seen this many characters constantly together in a series ever. As they eat together, and hang out together on the rooftop every other chapter. So what I am curious about is how it is gonna work at certain points. As there’s only so much that you can fill in a panel. How many people are gonna fill that rooftop before it collapses? It is gonna be interesting how the duo does this.

I Love This Manga

But, at the end of the day this is still a series that is funny as hell. I love the parodies, the troupes, and everything about this story. I am impressed that they made it to 14 and are still somehow having all of them in panels together. Rentarou is amazing and funny. I enjoy the back and forth between all of the characters and it is a treat every time I read this. I can’t wait until this gets an anime and more people see this amazing harem series.

Final Thoughts

Thank you everyone for taking the time out of your day to read this. If you want more post like this and a possible return of the 100 Kanojo Reviews then subscribe or follow this blog. And until next time be great people.

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