A PAB REUNION!!! | Grand Blue Manga Chapter 70 “Death Game” Review

It has been over a year since PAB has been together. So when the crew comes together for an entire chapter. You know that you’re getting nothing but that pure Grand Blue greatness. So let us discuss chapter 70 of Grand Blue called “Death Game”. As I will say that this chapter is s prime contender for best of the year.

A PAB Reunion

We start the chapter with the group together as Iori and crew return from their trip from Okinawa. So together the group decided to have a celebration amongst themselves. And when they are together it is some of the best chemistry and comedy in the story. As everyone plays off one another just perfectly and this chapter shows it. Also in this chapter it had so many hidden jokes in the background. That it made this reunion even better. Especially when they are playing a very complex game of pain on top of that.

Death Game

So when you have an interesting party game in the 10 Yen Game. In addition to another party game in Majority Game. Add drinking some of the heaviest alcohol in human history. Along with an electric lie detector. With the participants being a mad Nanaka, a jealous-mad Cakey, and the rest of the PAB members. You get a near death game for Iori.

I love how they mixed up all these games together. To make this chapter even more interesting as the game has some truth and dare elements to it. We as readers also get some fun information on the cast. With examples being: who are cat people and not, who thinks Iori is average or not, and the one that I will discuss later being who is a virgin and not in the group. And well you can thank Nanaka for the creation of this amazing game.

Do Not F*ck With Nanaka

There is one rule that I learned in this chapter. That rule is to not make Nanaka angry under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. As after learning about Chisa going on a secret trip. She was determined to find out more about this trip. While trying to figure this out from the main culprit of Iori. So this whole chapter she was putting this aura of death on this man Iori so much that he could see Asura behind her and feel her presence. Despite all of that she had that smile and the close eyes look. As she handed this man a drink. But, it is a strong one.

Iori Has Gotten Weaker with Liquor

I love this moment between them. Since Iori has gone on vacation again. He has been consuming the drinks of peasants and the guys let him know about it. As he couldn’t handle the drink that Nanaka gave him. I just love this because these men drink so much that they think Orion beer is glorified water. (That line had me laughing crazy)

The End of The Death Game

There was a lot of questioning, drinking, and fun in this chapter. But the main reason all of this happens is so that Nanaka can find out what Chisa and Iori did. As she was on the cusp of finding out with Iori giving up after all of the alcohol and ready to speak. She passed out due to all of the drinking she was doing in the background of every panel. Saving Iori for now.

Who is the 4th Virgin

Now there was this topic that was brought up in the game of who is a virgin in the group. It was something that was talked about in the beginning. Bringing up this question of who were the 4 non-virgins in PAB. It was kinda easier to choose from the process of elimination. Since by deduction that the older group wouldn’t be since they all pretty much have been through college and life. With the exception of Nanaka since she has a particular type of person she likes. Leaving Cakey who was CLEARLY A VIRGIN for obvious reasons. Leaving two people.

So then after that I came to the conclusion that it was Iori due to him having an unnamed ex-girlfriend that I hope will come to the series. But, that was quickly debuck with us diving into Iori’s mind. Leaving Kohei and I was okay with it and a little schock by it. But I thought good on him and thought that it was the end of it. But the manga ended the chapter on this panel of him thinking that he lost his virginity to a doctor after a colonoscopy. Ending the chapter, and I am just sitting here wondering how do they come up with something like that. Overall great chapter.

Final Thoughts

This chapter was amazing from beginning to end. The comedy of this chapter was just amazing and it is always great to see this group together. Also this chapter came at the right time this month. As I had been a little burnt out on anime, manga, and writing. So when this chapter came out I was just happy and honestly it helped clear my burnout. Thanks to everyone that took the time to read this. Follow or subscribe to this blog for more post and until next time be great.

Now I am just now curious on who Azusa’s first guy or girl was.

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