Will The Big Three of Anime Ever End?

In the mid 2000s there were three anime series that peaked in popularity worldwide. All these series came from the magazine of Shonen Jump. During their peak they would be referred to as the big three. The three series being Naruto, One Piece, And Bleach. All series that had moments of greatness and well deserving of the titles at the time. But, with the new Bleach Chapter that came out recently I came to this thought. Will the big three ever be concluded? Or will their respective world forever be continued?

The reason that I came to this question is because if you look at all of these series. All of these series have been around for 20 years and none of them have truly concluded. As Naruto’s world has basically continued with Boruto: Naruto Next Generation. One Piece has no end in sight the last time I read it. And then there is Bleach, as they just announced that they have a whole new arc after the manga concluded five years ago. So I just want to talk about them a little along with Shonen Jump Manga.

Naruto & Boruto

Starting with Naruto. As it is the anime that I first watched of the big three. Along with being one of the main reasons that I love anime so much today. The final arc was not the best but the story ended satisfactory to me. It was the first of the big three to end and I was okay with that being it. But, shortly after Boruto would come with a new mangaka also. With the only good thing about the series to me is when Naruto is in it. So I dropped it long ago. But, I just wonder when will Boruto end and the story of Naruto world finally end.

One Piece & It Never Ending

Then there’s One Piece, a story that I love to read. But, it has reached a point where I am just gonna binge it one a year. As this story just never ends. Like this story is almost a quarter century old manga that doesn’t seem like it is ending soon. And if it eventually comes to its end in 100 decades will there be an end to this franchise or just the beginning. As this story has been the backbone of Shonen Jump out lasting manga that were supposed to be the new generation. As series like the Promised Neverland, Demon Slayer, and so much more end quicker and don’t last as long. So when it comes to an end will it end up with a manga of that caliber. It is just something to think about.

Bleach & The New Bleach

Now onto my personal favorite when the big three was at its peak. As I love Bleach. I love the story, I loved the final war arc, I love the characters, and I am excited for this new arc. I am also happy for Tite Kubo for making another series in general. But I just wonder will we ever see the big three era completed.

The DragonBall Problem

Or will all of these series fall into the DragonBall dilemma. A dilemma where they just never end. Eventually following the same pattern of story and constantly elevationing the enemy to insane amounts of power. Leading to the point that they are fighting deities like DragonBall. Just something to think about.

Final Thoughts

I am glad to see Bleach back. I love that series so much and I hope that they can put a dent into the millions of plotholes, loose ends, and many other hiccups that the final arc left. Thanks to everyone that took the time out of their day to read this. If you want more posts like this then follow or subscribe to this blog. And until next time be great people.

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