My 10 Most Anticipated Anime for 2022

As I am catching up on two seasons of anime. I decided to procrastinate and look at anime in the future. So here are the top anime that I personally anticipate that are coming next year. Also a disclaimer some of these might come later or pop up unexpectedly. So this list is my top series that are expected to come out in 2022 as of December 7th 2021.

10) Kanojo, Okarishimasu 2nd Season

Rent-A-Girlfriend is a series that deals with an interesting topic. That being girlfriends for hire. Which is a popular profession in Japan that this series dives into. Along with a budding romance, amazing characters like Mami, and so much more. The second season is gonna be a treat. As this arc that they are most likely gonna dive into this season is my favorite of the series so far.

9) The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2

Season one of the anime was huge in many ways. As it was an isekai that managed to stand out of the many isekai that come out every season. That being a feat on its own. As Nafumi and his shield are here and I am interested in what they will do next in the series.

8) Date A Live IV

This is a series that is not that good at all. The reason that it is even on this list is because I have been following this series for almost 8 years and I am too deep now. With most series I would talk about it some but, this one is just not good. With the exception of the character Kurumi.

7) Koi wa Sekai Seifuku no Ato de

If you are looking for a Romeo and Juliet like story. Then this is the one for you as this deals with two races that fight every day. But, leaders on the opposite sides have fallen in love. With this story you will see whether this romance thrives or ends in tragedy.

6) Arifureta Season 2

Now, let me defend this series a little bit. Though the first season of this series had horrible animation, misplaced music, poor powertrip fantasy characters, horrible pacing, horrible monster designs, horrible CGI in general, just bad fight scenes, and a lot more things that were just wrong with the series as a whole. Despite all of that, it got a season two. Why is that, is a question that I will never understand. But, why I enjoyed the anime was because it was so bad that it was good. So I want to see the improvements that this series has made over the last season with a higher budget.

5) 5-toubun no Hanayome Movie

One final arc, one quintuplet must be chosen, who will it be. Well I already know. But, I am interested in what the anime will do with the final scene of the manga. Along with the liberties that anime will take as they put this huge final arc in one movie to conclude the series.

4) Tomodachi Game

For those who have yet to hear of this series. I will ask you these two simple questions to think about. One is how much do you trust your friends? And two is would you survive in a death game based on that friendship? That is the general premise of Tomodachi Game made by the underrated author Yamaguchi Mikoto. As his works are all works that are entertaining and sometimes makes readers question the sanity of this man. If you want a story that will be suspenseful, insane, and make you think. Then this is a series that you should pick up.

3) Kaguya-sama Love is War Season 3: Ultra Romantic

Love Is War Season 3 is coming out soon. With the series being one of the most entertaining romantic comedies out there. With it increasing in quality every season. In addition to excellent voice acting by the cast. This is a pleasure to watch every year and if you have yet to see it then you should watch it.

2) Spy X Family

Spy X Family has the potential to be bigger than Demon Slayer. Note that I say potential as it is a series that has so much going for it. It is a Shōnen Jump product that is being done by Wit Studios and Clover Works. Along with being directed by a veteran director Kazuhiro Furuhashi who has directed Roronikensien, Hunter X Hunter (1999), and most recently Dororo. Also on top of all of that being put into it. The story is really freakin good. So whenever this comes out I will be watching it weekly.

Honorable Mentions

Before I talk about number one I will say that I am behind Made In Abyss. Which would be on this list if I was caught up on it. Also series that would be on this list if they had a date would be Re: Zero, Tanya The Evil, and many others. Now time for number one.

1) Attack On Titan Final Season Part 2

There was nothing even close to touching this series to me. To see the vast world, culture, many character arcs, and story of this anime come to a conclusion is a pleasure for me to see. It is a series that I anticipate nothing but greatness from to the end. As it is Attack On Titan.

Final Thoughts

Well that was fun to take some rust off. I probably forgot something so tell me an anime that you are anticipating coming in 2022. Also follow me on twitter @sakedez, I hope that everyone stays safe out there and until next time, be great.

One thought on “My 10 Most Anticipated Anime for 2022

  1. I have my eye on several of those too. And, as much as it frustrated the hell out of me, I feel inexplicably drawn to watching Arifureta season 2! At least this time I know what I’m getting into…

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