Top 50 Anime Characters (2019 Edition) Part 1 (50-41)

Alright time to talk about the 2nd biggest list of all my end of the year list. Now I will make a couple of rules for this list. No limits on characters in a series, this is my complete bias, and I haven’t seen every anime and read every manga in the world. So forgive me for that. This list will be broken up into … Continue reading Top 50 Anime Characters (2019 Edition) Part 1 (50-41)


This is something new that I’m doing at the beginning of each month. I wanted to talk about what to expect of the blog in the current month. This will help me stay motivated to keep posting and not procrastinating every day. So here is my future post for March with no set schedule. Post of March Grand Blue 52 Review: My favorite manga in … Continue reading March