One Pun Man Sorry…. [UNFILTERED A&M Talk #6]

I recently watch the last episode of One Punch Man and I enjoyed it. But, I then after that Metal Bat fight I was really skeptical cause of how manga readers were hyping that up. Then, I read the manga and if you haven’t read the manga to One Punch Man I highly recommend that you do. Cause after reading chapter 57 and 58 of … Continue reading One Pun Man Sorry…. [UNFILTERED A&M Talk #6]


I am in a good place right now. My blog is thriving, I am don’t have school. I also don’t have to deal with work cause of vacation. I am enjoying Game of Thrones, Attack on Titan, and even One Punch Man to the max. I am on the final five of The TLRP which is my longest project that I have ever worked on … Continue reading May


You know stuff like this makes me glad that I am an anime fan. Cause some people might never get to witness this greatest that is coming in the summer. That greatness being Vinland Saga, from the characters to the artwork of the manga to this. It has one of the greatest stories in all of fiction. I know that some people even have this … Continue reading ANIME OF THE YEAR? | VINLAND SAGA TRAILER REACTION [UNFILTERED A+M #3]